Eye Level


The Math Curriculum


Eye Level Math takes the student through a continuum of study areas covering basic skills, as well as advanced concepts and applications. Each level emphasizes critical thinking through reasoning skills such as sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing and critiquing – skills students can apply to everyday life.


By completion of Eye Level Math, the student will have mastered basic arithmetic operations and mathematical thinking, while developing greater concentration, better study habits and increased self-confidence.


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The English Curriculum


Eye Level English curriculum takes students from the basic motor skills needed for reading and writing, through the building blocks of grammar, to the more complex concepts that allow the mastery of verbal and written communication.


Eye Level English is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The program guides students in the mastery of English language proficiency through thematic approaches, repetitive practice, and strategies that combine listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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The Play Math Curriculum


Eye Level Play Math sees the foundation for elementary mathematics by exposing students to early concepts.


The specially designed program includes interactive, three-dimensional, brightly colored mathematic booklets. Children are able to further their creativity and develop motor skills through the study of fairy tales and gradual hand activities.


Your child is introduced to concepts and ideas prior to focusing on numbers. This helps develop your child’s ability to think logically and, therefore, mathematically.


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