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Eye Level is a long term, international supplementary after school program for MATH and ENGLISH that calls for students to learn independently and pro-actively. It allows for children to advance steadily at a pace comfortable to them so they can achieve their full potential.

Through our curriculum, the student follows a step-by-step process that allows him or her to become a confident, self-directed learner. The student learns and masters each concept through an individually tailored experience – not by pure repetition or memorization, but by focusing on developing basic skills and the ability to think critically.


We also strive to meet and coach the child on his or her own level. This process is aided by our low teacher-to-student ratio, which allows for a balance of independent student and one-on-one academic coaching.

We encourage all ages to participate in the Eye Level program, from preschool to high school students. In order to develop effective study habits that build a lasting foundation, the earlier a student enrolls, the better.

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified Eye Level instructors are well-trained to assess the needs of our students and provide proper guidance. Our professional teachers are passionate and committed to providing your child with the best possible learning experience.

Eye Level instructors encourage the development of self-directed learning by setting goals with students, establishing individualized lesson plans, adjusting those plans when appropriate, and providing routine academic coaching.


Self-directed learning ability develops within a student over the course of months, not just a few weeks, so the longer the student is enrolled in Eye Level, the stronger his or her self-directed learning skills will become.

If your child is having difficulty in school, we encourage you to enroll your child with Eye Level as soon as possible. First, we will give a free diagnostic assessment that will provide insight into your child’s ability and learning needs. From there, your child will follow a step-by-step learning process that will help him or her master each concept in Math and English while becoming more confident and motivated to achieve more

Each child learns differently and at different speeds. Our Eye Level center is designed to stimulate and equip students by following an individualized curriculum. During the enrollment process, the Eye Level center instructor will establish individual goals with the student, so that the parents will be able to anticipate the progress of their child.

Eye Level’s individualized program is meant to help your child advance at a comfortable pace. In fact, a lot of Eye Level students are considered to be ahead in school. Advanced students can still achieve their full potential with an Eye Level education by learning and mastering new concepts ahead of their peers.

Totally the opposite; students who are advanced are more focused in school. They love learning and are motivated to achieve more. Parents also report that students are more disciplined and are able to do homework with minimal supervision. And with Eye Level, lessons are individualized so students will continue to be challenged by learning new concepts at an appropriate level.

What sets Eye Level apart from other learning programs is its unique system of building each student’s foundation in Math and English. All concepts and skills in the Eye Level program are interrelated. Mastery of basic skills is necessary before advancing to more complex skills, resulting in your child’s success throughout the school years, and beyond.

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