Eye Level Competency Test

In line with our continuous efforts of motivating and recognizing our existing members, Eye Level Philippines will hold, on its 5th year, the Eye Level Competency Test (ECT) for Math & English.


ECT is a center-based examination for Math and English which aims to gauge the member’s advancement in learning in comparison with the current level in the Eye Level programs versus formal schooling. This also aims to instill confidence to all qualified members and raise their preparedness to the next level of the program.


Please refer to the following qualification guidelines below:

  • Participants should be currently enrolled in the Math (or English) program for at least 6 months and meet the minimum level requirement.
  • For old members (enrolled for a minimum of one year), maximum allowable recess should only be two (2) consecutive months and should be enrolled until the exam date.
  • For new members, he/she must be continuously enrolled for at least six (6) months, prior to the schedule of the test. Last recessed month is February 2017, or must be at least enrolled since April 2017.

The examination period is set on October 9-14, 2017, and will be held in the center.


Thank you very much for your loyalty and continuous support in Eye Level. Should you have further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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